Become a Partner

The Junior League of Atlanta (JLA) invites all eligible agencies to submit an application for partnership with the JLA. The Junior League of Atlanta looks for agency programs that will develop the potential of our women volunteers and empower them to promote positive community change in the areas of health, education and welfare of women and children. The Junior League of Atlanta looks for these programs to have a measurable impact on your agency and the population(s) you serve.

Our primary service area is the City of Atlanta; although the Metropolitan Atlanta area is our secondary service area, provided these agencies also serve City of Atlanta citizens.

Applying for Partnership

We are currently accepting requests to become a Community Partner or Placement of The Junior League of Atlanta. Agencies currently serving as a JLA Placement must re-apply annually, while Partners must only apply once and then submit an annual update. We look forward to working with you over the next year!

Download your copy of Ways to Partner with JLA.


Please contact the Chair of the Community Partnership Evaluation Committee at