My JLA Story

My JLA Story

The Junior League of Atlanta celebrates its diversity in membership. Each member has her own 'story' about why the League is important to them. Below we share some of these stories. 

Camille Kesler
Camille joined the JLA in 2001 and began her provisional classes in September. "I will never forget showing up at JLA headquarters on the morning of September 11th for my provisional meeting and finding out about the horrifying terrorist attacks. Seeing the JLA’s response to that attack (including helping JLA members whose family members were stranded, expressing support for the New York League and offering assistance, or instituting ‘Building a Better Community Week’ that focused on disaster preparation and readiness) gave me a newfound respect and affection for the organization. I have been a JLA cheerleader ever since. Any woman who is looking for a means to use her talent to help others needs to look no further than the JLA. No other organization comes close to providing the leadership training, community activism and support, and the camaraderie that the JLA affords its members. I look forward to the day that my three young daughters can be a part of this venerable organization!"

Tina Ann Price

In 1996, Tina joined the League following relocation from Los Angeles to Atlanta. Among other things, she has served on the Community Placement Evaluation Committee (CPEC) for JLA for many years. She says this placement has had a huge impact on her because it has taught her a lot about Atlanta and its community issues. Tina also says the “Rebuilding of New Orleans” project was an enjoyable and enlightening JLA volunteer experience. Tina believes that volunteering enables her to contribute to the well-being of society, to gain personal rewards and to forge compassionate connections with fellow Leaguers (some of her best friends)!


Laura Rea

Laura says, “I’ve really enjoyed my position as the Hotline Highlights Editor because I get to find out about all the wonderful JLA events in advance! I was worried about the workload since I recently had a son, but I’ve been able to do most of the work at home while my little man is sleeping. JLA offers so many ways to give back that are flexible with where you are in life. I want to keep volunteering and know that I can find a position that works with my job and family schedules.”

Susan Lampe
Susan has been JLA member since 2004. She has enjoyed being a part of the League and contributing to the success of our community involvement and charities we support. She has loved meeting wonderful JLA members through the different events, placements and fundraisers over the years and has formed amazing friendships along the way. Two of her favorite placements include the Cookbook and Tour of Kitchens Committees.

Kim Wright
Kim’s JLA story about 7 years ago when she joined the League. She quickly learned that the Junior League of Atlanta was a great place to meet new friends and develop lasting relationships with a diverse group of women. One of her favorite activities in the League is “Find Your Niche” which she encourages others to discover.

Amy McClain
Amy transferred to the Junior League of Atlanta from the Junior League of Houston just in time for the JLA Fall 2008 transfer class. Amy rapidly became the “unofficial” social chair for the class, organizing various social events for her new friends and recruiting them to come to JLA fundraisers, like the annual Ball, Cocktails and Cooknotes, Tour of Kitchens and ShamRock ‘N Roll Road Race. Amy’s involvement led her to pursue transfer advisor as her placement. “What I find special at the League is that it has been the bond that has brought so many wonderful women into my life.”