Training is What We Do!

The training The Junior League of Atlanta provides to our volunteers is what sets us apart from other volunteer organizations. Training is at the heart of everything we do. According to our mission statement: The Junior League of Atlanta, Inc., is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.

In addition to the routine training received in their placements, we hope our members will take advantage of these additional training opportunities.

In-League Training Resources

General Membership Meetings
The Junior League of Atlanta, Inc. hosts "general membership meetings" three times a year in September, March, and May. These informative, educational, and inspirational meetings each have an educational component. We encourage all League members to attend any or all of these meetings! Interested in attending? Click here to view the League's event calendar. League members can also access a more comprehensive calendar using the Member’s Only website.

District Meetings
Twice a year (in Fall and Winter) the League hosts over 50 small district meetings which allow our members to meet League members in their neighborhood. District meetings are primarily educational and attendees learn about League events, programs, and initiatives. And they're also a lot of fun! Click here to find out more about district meetings.

Active members in The Junior League of Atlanta are assigned a district advisor. District advisors serve as an important information source for our members and host two district meetings per year. To find the district meeting closest to you, please check the "Additional Information" section on the home page of the Members Only website. Please be sure to contact the district advisor to let her know you'll be coming.

Provisional members are encouraged to attend district meetings as well! To find the district meeting closest to you, please check the "Additional Information" section on the home page of the Members Only website. Please be sure to contact the district advisor to let her know you'll be coming.

Foundations Workshops
The Junior League is a training organization, and prides itself on the training of its volunteers. Foundations Workshops will center around just that—training that aligns with our strategic plan and our cornerstones. Foundations Workshops are scheduled in the Fall and Spring of the League year. Upcoming events will be advertised in Hotline and Hotline Highlights. Next to each event, you will see whether the event falls into the community, membership, leadership, or other category.

The majority of the Foundations Workshops will focus on community, membership, and leadership. Meeting credit will be given for attendance to any of these categories of events (community, membership, and leadership). Meeting credit will not be provided for attendance at an event that is not categorized as one of the above. The distribution of the types of Foundations Workshops along with the related membership credits are below:

2008-2009 Foundations Events

  • Community Events 40% of all events - 1 foundations meeting credit
  • Membership Events 25% of all events - 1 foundations meeting credit
  • Leadership Events 25% of all events - 1 foundations meeting credit
  • Other Events 10% of all events - No meeting credit

Members are welcome and encouraged to attend as many Foundations meetings as they like, however, members may earn a maximum of one (1) meeting credit by attending Foundations meetings per League year. Guests are welcome (guests may be limited for some workshops).


The Junior League of Atlanta developed the following Cornerstones to guide Members in becoming well-rounded volunteers. Members strive to demonstrate each of these Cornerstones as they progress in their service with the League. Additionally, the Cornerstones are referenced in projects throughout all League functions as a way to complement and strengthen our mission.

1. Volunteerism
Leads others by setting an example of exemplary organizational skills, character, and integrity. Provides mentoring, on-going coaching, feedback, and support to help others grow and develop. Engages in broad-based efforts supporting women and children in need. Advocates for the League’s focus areas.
2. Communication Skills
Articulates ideas, opinions, and solutions in a clear and concise way while encouraging open and honest communication. Engages in active listening and takes other’s views into account.

3. Community Awareness
Understands the issues, disparities and needs in the Atlanta and overall community. Demonstrates aware of issues facing JLA community partners.

4. Visionary and Strategic Leadership, Thinking, and Planning
Anticipates future consequences, issues, trends, and opportunities, and effectively aligns League vision and mission into timely action.

5. Negotiation Skills and Conflict Resolution
Demonstrates flexibility in applying different approaches to managing problems and bringing issues and individuals to timely, positive resolutions.

6. Personal Adaptability
Displays initiative to succeed and adapts readily to diverse and changing people. Accepts diverse perspectives and means of accomplishing goals.

7. Interpersonal Development
Develops positive relationships by making others feel their concerns and contributions are important. Engages in community building activities and fosters social interaction within the League.

8. JLA Organizational Knowledge
Understands League structure, key resources, processes, and individuals needed to accomplish goals and objectives. Familiar with member needs, community needs, and concerns and issues within the League. Serves as an Ambassador of the League.

Other Training Opportunities

Atlanta Women's Alliance Training
The Junior League of Atlanta is a member of The Atlanta Women's Alliance ( AWA). The AWA facilitates organizations with common missions coming together and maximizing their individual and collective potential for the common good of our community. Click here for more information about The Atlanta Women's Alliance and the training resources they offer.

Georgia Center for Nonprofits
The Junior League of Atlanta is also a member of the Georgia Center for Nonprofits, Georgia's association for nonprofit, charitable organizations. The Center's mission is to serve, strengthen and support Georgia's nonprofit community. The Center advocates to improve the environment in which nonprofits work and helps nonprofits manage better by offering information, training, consulting and nonprofit jobs services. Click here for more information about the training opportunities provided by this organization.