President’s Message

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about The Junior League of Atlanta, Inc. (JLA) and welcome!

It is an honor to serve as JLA’s 104th President and I’m thrilled to share some of our remarkable history and how our legacy of community impact through collective service defines what we do today, tomorrow and in the future.

JLA was established in 1916 because of the growing needs identified in our community by founder Isoline Campbell and 44 remarkable women. With resilience and resolve, these women laid the foundation for our organization to create long-lasting and meaningful community change. This groundwork still serves as our mission to be a frontrunner in improving the lives of at-risk women and children in the Atlanta community.

Leaning into our founder’s traditions, JLA’s presence can be found in the roots of numerous community agencies including the Atlanta Speech School, Atlanta Girls’ School, Trees Atlanta, CHRIS 180, and Atlanta Children’s Shelter. Our 2,800+ women members are unafraid to advocate for the most pressing issues in our community and dedicate themselves to finding solutions, providing pivotal answers that create meaningful change – whether its leading boots on the ground efforts or inside the Capital building.

JLA empowers catalyst change-makers who support the education, welfare and quality health of women and children. In the past decade, JLA has honed it’s mission-driven work to more closely focus on Early Childhood Education, Human Trafficking, and Generational Poverty, creating ever more impactful and valuable community change.

We are also an organization that believes in equity and inclusion for all. We embrace our differences and come together as a unified front to stand up for those who need our support. Creating a community where we connect and protect each other as people is always at the forefront of our membership and service.

Perhaps never in our history has our legacy been challenged as it is today. JLA embraces the challenge of crafting new and innovative ways to lead volunteer efforts to serve our community. The safety of our members, staff and all those we serve is at the forefront of our decision making.

We have leaned into virtual training and continue to create contact-free volunteer opportunities, as well as gradually reincorporating traditional service with appropriate physical distancing protocols. Service might look and feel a little different, but our volunteers will lift every boulder and climb every mountain to help those who are in need. Our community service will create a strong collective impact.

Our beloved organization serves alongside the community to create positive change. Your support and interest in our work is sincerely appreciated.

In Service,

Bre West
President, 2020 – 2021
The Junior League of Atlanta, Inc.
Community Impact Through Collective Service

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