Tell Me More about Becoming an Advocate

Becoming an Advocate is a life-changing experience. Hear from previous Advocates about why they are passionate about LBDI:

“I work with foster youth – teen parents – I saw one of my clients twice that week and she asked me why I had this dress on again. She was shocked I wasn’t embarrassed because she said she gets embarrassed when she has to wear the same outfit over and over again. I’m wearing this dress so you have more options. My coworkers said they never thought about it like that. – Jershaun Roberts


“On Thursday I was at a tech conference and a couple guys came over to me and they asked me who I was doing this for. It was not only an opportunity for me to share the cause, I could magnify what the League is and what our causes are. It was a great teaching moment.” – Cara Snow




“I feel like a lot of the change in mentality starts at home. My husband has admitted in the past that being homeless means that you’ve exhausted every option and burned every bridge.  When he started to see my infographics on social media, he really started to ask what he could do. He ended up wearing the same black shirt and grey pants all week and sharing the message of what I was doing.” – Christy Overall