Early Childhood Education

A strong, solid education in early childhood is something that all children deserve and need.  It is important to raise awareness of the negative and costly impact that a poor education has on Atlanta’s young children. The Junior League of Atlanta is committed to positively affecting the future of our city through increasing awareness of the importance of early childhood education and providing educational opportunities for young children before they reach school. With your support – whether talking about the issue or reading to a child, The Junior League of Atlanta can bring about positive change in young children’s lives.  A small investment by many in early childhood education is one that will reap a huge return for decades to come.

The Junior League of Atlanta has recognized that there is a unique opportunity before us to advance the education and eventual productivity of our children. With our emphasis on children ranging in age from birth to 5, we can give them the tools they need to succeed. We recognize that improving early childhood education will be an incredibly complex challenge; only through everyone’s collective efforts, both within the public and private sectors, will we achieve success.

Today, within the community, we are continuing to expand our Journey to Literacy Program, offering Resources for Reading to Children, and Demonstrations to Parents.  Click here for more information about Journey to Literacy.