The JLA partners with community agencies that reflect our mission, vision and values.  Focused on improving the health, education and welfare of women and children at risk, and making significant community change in Commercial Sexual Exploitation/Human Trafficking, Early Childhood Education, and Generational Poverty, the JLA provides much-needed volunteer resources and funding, and serves as a catalyst for positive change through our partnership with approximately 100 nonprofit organizations.

There are a variety of ways to partner with the JLA:

  • Volunteers providing Direct Service – JLA has hundreds of trained volunteers who each commit 50+ hours of direct volunteer service to certain partners we consider to be our “Community Placements”. The JLA also provides funding for special programs that our volunteers support through service at these organizations.
  • Capacity Building – JLA offers capacity building training sessions throughout the year to partner agencies. These trainings allow nonprofit agencies to better fulfill their missions and strengthen partners’ abilities to have a positive impact on the city of Atlanta.
  • Board Bank – Because our membership is filled with women of many different talents whom are all trained to serve as effective volunteers, the Junior League is a natural resource for Board Members. Through our Board Bank program, we match interested League members with community agencies seeking Board Members. For more information, email the Board Bank Chair at

In addition, the League partners with community agencies in other creative ways through various outreach programs that include advocacy, drives for items such as children’s books and clothing and “Done-in-a-Day” projects.  To make a request for volunteers your project, click here.

Click here to learn more about our current community programs.


Thank you for your interest in a partnership, JLA invites all eligible agencies to submit an application for partnership with the JLA.




Questions? Feel free to reach out to the Chair of the Community Partnership Evaluation Committee at

For a full list of our community partners, click here.