Little Black Dress Initiative



Now in its 5th year, the JLA’s Little Black Dress Initiative (LBDI) is an advocacy campaign that seeks to raise community awareness on the issue of generational poverty in Georgia. Throughout the week of October 21-25, 2019, LBDI Advocates will wear the same black dress for five consecutive days to illustrate the effects poverty can have on a woman’s access to resources, her confidence, and professional opportunities.  By wearing a button that reads “Ask me About my Dress,” Advocates invite dialogue among colleagues, friends, and strangers to raise awareness about generational poverty.

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Donate To The Cause!  Our amazing women will be raising money for the JLA Annual Fund. Our goal this year is to raise $95,000 – please help us to get there! Visit our fundraising site to help get us there!

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Beyond advocating on generational poverty at the government and local levels, the JLA partners with many organizations that help support those in generational poverty. Our volunteers help package goods at the Atlanta Community Food Bank, give resume workshops at the Atlanta Women’s Shelter, and provide childcare at the Atlanta Children’s Shelter so parents can work without worry.

See the list below with other organizations the JLA supports that are making a difference in generational poverty in Atlanta:

  • Agape
  • Atlanta Community Food Bank
  • Atlanta Habitat for Humanity
  • Atlanta Mission
  • C5 Georgia
  • Center for Working Families
  • Chris180
  • Estrellitas
  • Families First
  • Literacy Action
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Mercy Care
  • Open Hand
  • Partnership Against Domestic Violence