FAQs: Becoming a Member


Frequently Asked Questions about Membership and your Provisional Year.

What does the application process look like?

Our straightforward application process is as follows:

  • create a profile
  • attend an open house
  • receive an invitation to apply
  • pay the $25 application fee
  • spend 10-15 minutes completing the application form
  • wait for the application to be reviewed
  • receive notification of acceptance
  • pay dues and the Provisional course fee


If you are ready to apply, go to the Apply for Membership page to learn more.


Do I need a Sponsor?
No! Other Junior Leagues around the world require a ‘sponsor,’ or a current member who can vouch for the prospective member, for a new member to join.  JLA wants women who want to raise their hands to serve the needs of our community without barriers, so we removed the sponsor requirement years ago.

What will my Provisional year look like?
The Provisional year is purposefully designed to introduce and educate you on The Junior League of Atlanta, Inc. while providing opportunities to socialize, create new connections, gain access to valuable training, learn about our mission and community impact, and serve with our community agencies and programs.

What do the social aspects of JLA Membership look like?
The Provisional program is designed with the intent of combining education and training with socializing and meeting fellow Provisionals. The year will provide you with both formal and informal settings to socialize with the Provisional class as a whole and Provisional Committee leadership, your small group consisting of other Provisional women, and other JLA members.

Why should I pay a membership fee to volunteer when I can do that on my own?
There are countless reasons to join the JLA!  Regarding our community agencies and programs, the JLA has a reputation in the Atlanta community for providing dedicated, trained volunteers, where many organizations want to partner with us! This often gives our members opportunities to serve in capacities they wouldn’t have access to if she were to reach out on her own. In addition, every year you can select a new placement, saving you the time of needing to sign up with a different organization or go through a lengthy background check should you want to try something new. Also, our volunteers serve and make connections with other women while serving – something she may or may not gain volunteering for various shifts.

We also provide training to our members that the general public would need to spend hundreds of dollars on to gain access to for little to no cost, while providing opportunities for like-minded women to meet and often become friends. Finally, with our leadership structure, you will have the opportunity to sign up for roles that offer you the opportunity to improve your skills, such as leading a team, public speaking, or fundraising, for both personal and career growth through real on-the-job activities.

What is the age criteria for membership in the Junior League of Atlanta?
In order to join the Provisional Class, you must be at least 22 years of age by April 30 of the league year in which you are completing your provisional program. The JLA League year runs from June 1 – May 31.

What types of women make up the typical Provisional class?
The Provisional class has ranged from 200 – 400 women the last five League years. While our members are diverse in their age, backgrounds, skill-sets, race, ethnicity, religion, political affiliations, vocations, etc., we typically find the commonality that all members have a strong desire to carry out our mission while becoming a trained volunteer.

What are the typical annual dues for JLA?
2022-2023 Provisional Fees: $230 Annual Membership; $125 One-Time Provisional Fee; plus, $25 non-refundable application fee.

As an Active member, the dues are currently $230 annually due by March 1st each year.

What are my requirements during my Provisional Year?
Requirements change year to year. To view a more comprehensive overview of our requirements, please return to the previous screen. From there click:

Apply for Membership > Digital Member Recruitment Presentation > Download Prospective Member Packet

Provisional Year requirements and more information pertaining to your Provisional year are included there.

I was an Active member of another League and have recently moved to Atlanta, do I need to restart my Provisional year in order to become a member of JLA?
If you have completed your provisional year at another Junior League, you can transfer your membership.

In order to transfer your membership, you must contact your current League and ask them to transfer your membership to JLA via the AJLI (Association of Junior Leagues International) e-Transfer system. Please visit our transfer page for additional information.

Please provide them with the following information:
• Name, local Atlanta address and phone number
• Email address
• AJLI number
• Your current status (i.e. Active, Provisional, Sustainer)

I am interested in joining the next Provisional class. How do I ensure that I am kept updated on the Informational Sessions?
Please click here to join the mailing list.

Check back often! The website is updated periodically with Information about Meetings and Events as well as pertinent information.