Founded in 2012, the Junior League of Atlanta Leadership Institute (JLALI) is a specialized outcome driven training program facilitated by the JLA. The goal of the JLALI is to help the league fulfill its mission by offering a certificate based program where members have the opportunity to earn specialized leadership development certificates on an annual basis.

During the 2014-2015 year, the JLA Leadership Institute held 5 courses in two areas of membership development – Marketing and Board Readiness – offering education touch points to more than 260 members.

The spring 2015 program will be taking place from January through April and offer three more areas of specialized training in Volunteer Management, Fundraising and Advocacy.

To learn more about JLA Leadership Institute program offerings for members:

  • Click here to read a one-page member flyer on the program.
  • Click here to read a one-pager on the spring 2015 program.

What a Leadership Institute graduate says:

"I signed up for the Board Readiness course because someday I would like to serve on the JLA Board or another non-profit board,” said JLA member Ryan O’Neill. “Before the course, I was unsure of the commitment and expectations required for board service. After hearing presentations from other JLA members and community leaders who have served on various boards, I felt much more prepared to take on the responsibility of being a member of a non-profit board. I am thankful to JLA for giving me beneficial knowledge and tools and I look forward to the opportunity to serve, lead and make a difference in the Atlanta community."

All Junior League members are welcome to participate in these free sessions.

These certificates tie back to the JLA Cornerstones and can focus on areas such as:

  • Volunteerism
  • Communication Skills
  • Community Awareness
  • Visionary and Strategic Leadership, Thinking, and Planning
  • Negotiation Skills and Conflict Resolution
  • Personal Adaptability
  • Interpersonal Development
  • JLA Organizational Knowledge
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